Awaken to Oneness

A powerful 2 1/2 day course that promotes growth in all areas of life. This course has made a positive impact in the life of thousands of individuals. Learn about the nature of the habitual mind and how it creates conflict in our lives. Learn a formula for success and happiness in your inner and outer life. Through various teachings and meditations participants move into a state outside of the conflicted mind into a state of awareness and internal peace. Course participants learn the tools to awaken to more joy and ease in all their relationships. Become a Oneness Blessing giver and share the gift of awakening with others.

 Ancestor Process (includes Conscious living/conscious dying)

Have you done the work but still seem to face obstacles in life? Oneness teaches that for every problem there is a solution. We have to find the right solution. There are three primary reasons for problems in our life: Relationships, Karma and Ancestors. We are connected to our ancestors. The Oneness University has always emphasized the importance of liberating our ancestors. As we help our ancestors we set ourselves free. You are in line to do this important work. This healing goes back and forward 7 generations. Remove the obstacles and patterns that have been keeping you from reaching your full potential. Experience a powerful process/ritual from India for clearing generational/ancestral problems. You will continue at home with a process for 11 days.

 Relationship Process (Bandhavya Deeksha)

If you want the help of Grace, then you need to set right your relationships. To enjoy success and fulfillment in any area of your life: Health, Wealth, Career, Family, Spiritual Awakening or anything else, it is essential to set right your relationships. Bandhavya Deeksha (Relationship Deeksha) is a powerful process from Oneness University India to help set right relationships.

 Journey Into the Divine

A powerful 2 ˝ day retreat intensive to take you deeper into yourself, deeper into connection with your antaryamin—your personal Divine. Teachings, meditations, processes, sharing and connection are all part of the weekend journey. We have had many testimonials from individuals attending this retreat tell us they experienced their Divine for the first time. This is a beautiful journey inward to meet your personal Divine.

 Journey Into Consciousness

An eight week intensive journey (once a week) into consciousness. Learn about the chakras and how they influence every aspect of your life. Learn how to clear blockages keeping you from reaching your fullest potential in life. This course builds each week taking you into higher levels of understanding and consciousness.

 Journey Into Destiny

Journey through healing stuck patterns, emotions and beliefs that are keeping you from manifesting your full potential. Journey to your Destiny. Journey to Destiny will be a two part weekend course - Dare to Change and Design Your Destiny. We will be offering Teachings, contemplations and practices to give you an in depth understanding to create an abundant, fulfilling life. Deeksha Givers, this will tie in principles and teachings from Oneness University that you have learned through the Oneness Awakening courses and other courses. We will tie these principles in to the principles and Universal laws of manifestation and deliberate creation. br />

 Wealth/Health Processes

Wealth Process - The Universe is abundant and rich. Tap into this unmanifest field of abundance. We will be doing ancient rituals from the Oneness University in India for wealth and abundance and sending you home with a process to continue for 11 days.
Health Process – A special process and ritual from Oneness University India for healing physical and emotional health issues.

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