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My name is Cooper,   I have been to one of your Deeksha Oneness blessings and it has immediately changed my life.   I love the environment when I am there,   I could feel the mass amounts of positive energy as soon as I walked in the room and sat down.  I appreciate the blessings you gave to me because it ultimately pushed my energy level through the roof.   The other night my friend and I stayed up all night talking about life and the way that everything works.

Lately, I have been getting the feeling that my purpose here on this planet is a great one that will help bring forth the spiritual culture on Earth.   I know I have a huge role in doing this.   I love what the spirituality center teaches and the messages it brings, and I want to you to help me help you.

I feel that when I am at home doing nothing that I am wasting away the time that I could be out there making a great change.   I feel so great, just for being alive and I know that everyone in the world can feel the same if they look inside.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope we can help each other bring forth the culture that is meant to be.  Love Cooper

Since becoming a Deeksha giver, this amazing young man's whole family has become Oneness Deeksha Givers.