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I want to deeply thank you both for such a powerful course last weekend, the powerful love, energy and intention you both expressed was a precious gift to us all.  I have had such a powerful experience before, during and after this course which has affected many aspects of my life.  I have been meditating and teaching yoga for many years, since I was a teenager, and I have had many, many powerful experiences and taken many life altering courses with many different teachers and Gurus.  This course has been so powerful in so many ways and seemed to have amplified everything else I have ever done in extraordinary ways.......... The healing I had with my father during the course was so powerful, I had thought I had already done all my work with him, and what came up was the same general theme as before, but during the course the healing seemed to go much deeper and it created an awareness of deeper love and understanding that I hadn't had before…..I feel like for the first time in my life I can feel really loved.  WOW!!!

….I absolutely LOVE giving blessings, it is already a passion of mine and I am going to

include it in all my Reiki, yoga and meditation classes.

I am very grateful to you both for creating a community with the Deeksha and including all the new and old blessing givers into this community.  That is very exciting to have the opportunity to make new friends and to have a loving community of spiritual support; that is more precious than anything.

I am so deeply grateful to you Janet and Linda for putting forth the love, energy, effort and devotion to the training and initiating of blessing givers in Salt Lake City, UT. Together you are both creating miracles upon miracles and creating a world wide healing and transformation.  I love and respect you both enormously, Bonnie