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I am a new Oneness Blessing Giver.  During my weekend course, I went through a very deep healing process of forgiveness, healing and love.  On Saturday afternoon I went through a process of forgiving my parents and asking forgiveness in return.  Sunday evening after the initiation, I had the honor of giving my first Oneness Blessing to my 8 year old son, then to my parents.  It was a beautiful loving experience for all of us.

After the initiation was complete, I went to dinner with my parents.  I expressed to my parents that on Saturday I went through a forgiveness process with them and I wanted to tell them in person that "I forgive you for anything that I perceive that hurt me and I also forgive myself."  I would also like it if you could forgive me in return."  My dad's reply

was "Wnen you were giving me the blessing, the only thing that came to my mind was "I forgive you Holliann, and I ask that you forgive me in return."

At that moment I received confirmation of the Divine Presence at work.   My life has been filled with love, gratitude, joy and bliss since I became a Oneness Blessing Giver. Others around me have also felt the ripple effect of my state of being.  Thank you for the gift that you have given me.  Holiann.

Since becoming a Deeksha giver, Holliann's mother, father and 8 year old son have all gone through the process to become Oneness Deeksha Givers.