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I just completed the weekend course and in fact am still in the 3 day Mukthi process.  I was introduced a couple of months ago by a very good man.  Of all the craziness, the shifts in perception, quieting of the mind, clarity, unthinkable coincidences, Deja vu, etc, there is one experience that came to completion yesterday..........

....On Sunday, once I decided to stay, I began having more of these new realm experiences, most of which, if I wanted to I could explain away but then I got to the rose petal point in the process.  At first I felt gratitude but it was a different kind of gratitude. I am sure someone smarter than me has the words to explain the feeling but I don't. What I do know is that this feeling seemed to be the key which opened the Heavens. I mean that in a very real sense.  It was not an "as if" experience.  It was a "this is"
experience.  Heaven entered in through the top of my head and my version of God told me he loved me and reached out and gave me that same energy hug that Linda gave me a few months before. The only feeling I can relate it to is the birth of my two children. It was every bit as real.  I don't think I was there very long but it felt like I had moved in.  I still feel it.  It is different but I still feel it. Maybe there is a reason for it all.  Maybe my friend is a leaf on that Divine tree which pointed me to Linda which is another leaf on that tree with a set of experiences that made her uniquely qualified to give me a preview of Energy and then to subtly nudge me when I wanted to run.  Maybe Janet and Linda and others are leafs, acting as a lighthouse for so many.  Maybe the Blessing Givers are leafs.  Maybe I get to be a leaf. I hope so.  Namaste B