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At last night's Deeksha I received a very powerful blessing that put me in a state of awareness of the love and gratitude I felt for the gift I was given of being a Deeksha Blessing Giver.  All the blessings that I gave after that were very healing to me. However, during the last blessing that I was giving, I received a blessing from the Divine that was so powerful that my emotions overflowed to the point of tears.  I could not explain what I was feeling, I just knew that I needed to lie down in Shavasana and allow the emotions to run through me.  I couldn't even give a testimony of what happened, for the words would not form what the feeling was.

Continuing the process on the drive home, I finally understood what I had felt.  For the first time in my life I felt the pure unconditional love from the Divine.  A love that I had been searching for all my life externally, while in fact it has been internal all this time. The gratitude I felt at that moment was so intense that I could not hold back the tears. Thank you for bringing Deeksha to Utah and for the love that you have shared with Ben and I.  We are truly blessed.