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I had the honor to attend the Deeksha One ness course in November at the One mind studio. I knew I needed to be there, and I also knew I wanted to be there. Two different things, my desire was to attend because I absolutely love Deeksha, the people, the blessings and the energy. But my need was being called from somewhere else outside of me. I had been going to Deeksha on and off for blessings on Tues or Thursday nights for a year and a half and always tried to attend one of the locations with Janet or Linda because they were my first experiences with Deeksha and I always had a sense of “home” with them as blessers and just beautiful loving beings in general.

I had a trip planned to Cabo San Lucas at the end of October and had gone to Deeksha a couple days before I left. Anyone who goes to Deeksha knows the song “There is so much magnificence near the Ocean” as I sat in Deeksha that evening I thought to myself “I would love to have a copy of this while I sit on the Ocean in Cabo”…. As I left that night I sat outside talking to a friend, Janet came outside and I told her I was going to Cabo and how much I loved that song, she bent down and pulled out a cd with the song on it! As if she had heard my thoughts about wanting the song!! I went to Cabo and of course listened to that beautiful song the entire time. Thought about how blessed I was to work for an airline where I could be in a beautiful place, in the warmth, in the sunshine. I also thought about how wonderful it would be to share Deeksha in a place like this, with friends on a beach somewhere. It warmed my spirit to think about that.

I had heard about the One ness course and when I came back I truly felt more inspired then ever to attend. But I knew my financial situation was not going to let it happen. I had just come home from a beautiful vacation that I had already had the opportunity to go on because I work for an airline and had a friend who had already paid for the timeshare so my cost was already next to nothing. I put it out into the Universe that if I was meant to go to the course I would, and if not, it would come along for me another time…

After several emails back and forth with Janet, I had finally come to the conclusion that due to my finances I REALLY wasn’t going to be able to go. I was very disheartened about this, and kept putting off telling Janet the news. Something inside of me kept saying “your going” even though I was sure I wasn’t. I knew I didn’t have the money. Shortly after I had almost given up hope, I received an email from Janet stating that I would be granted a scholarship and that someone had donated $ to help those who would otherwise not be able to attend.

My heart flooded with emotions that day and I almost felt an immediate reaction to say no. I don’t usually like to accept help, but I knew this was coming from somewhere far greater then I could ever imagine.

As I entered the first evening of Deeksha course I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I was at a place in my life that I felt almost kicked to my knees with frustration and I’m sure we have all been there. I knew I was among friends for life and kindred spirits. The last day Janet walked up to me and said “would you like to know who your angel was” I slowly answered “yes” and she said “who has been sitting by you this entire time. I turned around to see beautiful amazing angelic Nekar standing there with tears in her eyes. She had known nothing of me before she came to the the event and had even driven from southern Utah to be there. Yet she had walked in, and sat only two seats from me right next to me and my friend who had both received the scholarship. I was there because of her, and I don’t know her personal story but obviously she had been called to assist in getting myself and my friend Carla there. Out of the spots she could have sat in she also sat right next to the two people who’s lives she had helped w/out even knowing.

Deeksha has helped me with so many things in my life, but one thing it taught me that I hadn’t thought of until this situation with Nekar is how much it really is about spreading love and helping others. One day I also hope to be able to give to someone else when they need help to make it to a course. Without the help of Nekar following her gut to help get someone there, I would never have been able to attend. I am not able to share Deeksha blessings with others and who knows how far the line of love will go….

Thank you so much to all the beautiful souls along the way that got me to the course… and all the future blessings I can share each day.

Much love, Namaste,