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Going through Deeksha was one of the most amazing gifts I have ever been given. Added to the Reiki, knowledge of energy healing, and my longing to fully understand the priesthood as it really is will completely be a full combination in this transformation. When I was told that a vision quest is like breaking out of an eggshell, I knew that the butterfly transformation I've used in both my books is what I am about to go through. I know for a fact that going through Deeksha was very important to my life quest and I thank you from the bottom of my heart all the way to the top.  I knew I needed to to this vision quest after my love for Indians and I knew that this would be important before I met you two.  This was just a key piece to the map.

In my book I call the 5 pieces to a quest: Candlelight or light of Hope, adventurous heart of joy, map of personal integrity, encouragement of compassion towards others and self, and the final piece is the tent of inner wisdom or higher self.  Then when we follow our map, each piece on the map leads to greater inner peace.

Deeksha was my return of my compassion because my heart was full of anger towards others.  I needed the encouragement and I needed to encourage others as well and that is the piece I got from you two!  This tent is so symbolic to the vision quest.  This will be my connection to my higher self and God.  No more fighting my mind over dumb things. I just feel so happy and excited and all I seem to do anymore since the Deeksha is cry all the time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I feel like my wounds are now healing and with this next step I will heal even more.  I must say goodbye for now.  My hand is now numb from writing on my blackberry.  But when I come back, I may not be the same person.  See you in a week or more depending on how it goes.  This is like a mission for me.  A spiritual high without using stuff. Thanks