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Event Name : Oneness Blessing Circle!
Location : The Healing Home of Taylorsville
Co Users :
Code : DB - Deeksha Blessing
Address : 2567 W. Easton St.
City : Taylorsville
State : UT
Cost : $ Donations accepted
Description : We join together to amplify our intent to awaken the world by awakening ourselves! We love each other unconditionally, and support one another in our journey! Janeen shares a teaching from Oneness University, then we move into silence and allow the music to vibrate through us and heal us of our mis-perceptions! Then, we reverently move into offering the Deeksha Blessing! It's simply.....luscious!
Dates : Sun 05/06/18 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Key of Events
DB - Deeksha Blessing MD - Mukthi Deeksha MW - Mukthi Webcast SP - Special Event OA - Oneness Awakening Course